Join us in providing an opportunity to revolutionize treatment for a disease which has not seen substantial changes in treatment for over 60 years

Most patients on Dialysis are forced to spend a large part of their lives hooked up to large machines and have little or no freedom to carry on a normal life. Their quality of life is severely impacted by many complications, hospitalizations and surgeries. We believe that once the WAK™ receives FDA final approval, Dialysis patients will no longer be subject to most, if not all, of the many hardships resulting from standard Dialysis. We, as many others, believe that patients will live longer and their quality of life will be real. We also believe that patients will be able to function as productive citizens, work, play, eat many of the foods otherwise restricted, live longer, healthier lives all at a cost which will be substantially less than expended now. In addition, we envision that the WAK™ will provide superior clinical results for patients and give Dialysis patients the ability to Take Back their Lives.

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Donate, Donate and spread the Word. There is not much media hype about Kidney Disease which according to the National Kidney Foundation affects more than 26 million Americans. This includes more than 570,000 people who rely on dialysis and the 100,000 people awaiting a kidney transplant. The mortality rate in the US for Dialysis patients is approximately 20%, which means that approximately 20% of all US Dialysis patients do not SURVIVE each year. Funds are urgently needed now to make the WAK™ a reality. The WAK™ has had successful clinical trials in Italy and England and is now commencing FDA trials. If funding is fully available, we believe that in all likelihood, the WAK™ may have final FDA approval in a few years.

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FDA Innovation Pathway Program

In 2012, the Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK™) was awarded FDA Innovation Pathway status which was designed to help safe, breakthrough medical products reach patients in a timely manner. The program aims to shorten time and cost for the development, assessment and review of medical devices, characterized by early and deep collaboration. The FDA informed the public that it was addressing ESRD because of its significant impact on public health, the disease is costly and negatively impacts quality of life, the disease is a growing public health concern in U.S. and treatment could benefit from innovative devices and transformative improvements.


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About Our Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to raise public awareness of the plight of millions of dialysis patients in the U.S. and around the World. The Foundation will support the development of the WAK™, a revolutionary dialysis device that has the potential to significantly improve the delivery of dialysis and is recognized as the most advanced up and coming technology.